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Mr. Muskie Charters is the premiere & top rated Charter fishing service on Lake St. Clair & located in Southeast Michigan near Detroit. We specialize in Muskie/Musky and also offer charters for Bass fishing, Walleye fishing, Sturgeon fishing and Perch fishing! We also offer Sunset Cruises for those who don't fish. Our services run from April 1st through November 1st. Come experience the thrill of fishing on the best fresh water lake on the planet!

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Mr. Muskie Charters - Testimonials

We chartered a small mouth bass trip with you to celebrate my Dad's 90th b'day in May 2017. Not sure if you remember us, but we won't forget that one!


My son and I had a great time yesterday. We were with Lou Petro's group. The two gentlemen who took care of our group were very professional but also very friendly and relaxed. We plan using your services again next summer.



Capt! Thanks to you and Jeff for a great afternoon on the lake! Harry and I loved our time together (and with the 2 of you) and we look forward to seeing you soon for Part II. Please save a few Muskies for us! Happy 7/4 and be well!



Last night was the greatest fishing of my life! I am sure you have heard the unbelievable, record breaking evening, and it was all true! 9 total Sturgeon measuring out to 555 total inches. Two were over 72 inches 2 had tags and 2 were 64 inches. It was a great evening and we had a great time. Thank you for another amazing fishing trip. Make sure Captain Keith sends me those photos. I have been known to tell a couple fish stories, so I need those pictures for proof.

Until our next trip!



Thank you for the very nice time on Lake St Clair yesterday. We had a very enjoyable day fishing with you and Jeff. Thank you for helping my wife catch her first Muskie. I am certain she will be the hit of her golf, bridge, and lunch friends.

Thanks again


Sure enjoyed our trip with Capt. Keith.

See you next year.

Thanks again


I became a member on Tuesday with Capt. Keith and Dan. I would highly recommend a trip with Mr. Muskie Charters, it was an awesome experience with a great, professional crew.

Tracy W.

We just wanted to let you know Keith and Dan are a great crew. We have been on many charters and you can really tell who is trying to put you on fish and who is just giving you a boat ride. Those guys are devoted fisherman (they constantly checked baits, changed baits, explained techniques, etc.). We really appreciated their level of professionalism and effort. We are already talking about fishing again with Mr. Muskie Charters. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing some Muskie hits!

Bruce B.

Capt. Kevin – Mitch and I had a great trip on Monday. Thanks for the fishing. I thought you might like this picture from your “lure color consultant”.


Hope you have great fishing the rest of the season.


Kevin, can't tell you how much of a great time we had and what a class A operation and guys you have working for you!! Top notch! Thanks again for everything and I will definitely come back and recommend your charter service!!


Captain Kevin, Captain Keith, and First Mate Alec,

Attached are a couple of pictures from our trip with Mr. Muskie Charters this past Saturday. The first picture is of my son's first Muskie which was 30" and was caught within our first 15 minutes of fishing. The next two pictures are of the 53"/19.5" girth Muskie which was our 12th fish of the day. What an amazing fish!

We boated 19 fish on 26 hits and had multiple fish on the lines at the same time several times during the day. 10 of the 17 Muskies we caught were 40"+. We actually averaged one fish every 15 minutes for the first three hours of our fishing. Absolutely mind boggling!

We know this is not a typical day of Muskie fishing on Lake St Clair or anywhere else in North America or the world. However, it was our day and it happened because of the Mr. Muskie Charter crew's knowledge and hard work.

Thank you and your crew for a day on Lake St Clair that we will never forget!

Bob, Kim and Bobby Semelsberger (Windber, PA)

Well Ed….you have done it again! Words Cannot express my gratitude for all that you do. I would also like to thank Mr. Muskie Charters for making dreams come true for our consumers. Even though the weather was a little iffy all had a great time. The pictures are wonderful. I know everyone is looking forward to next year!

Kimberly Vasicek, Services To Enhance Potential – Eastern Resource Center

Well a couple of people had caught too many fish, but they also got caught knapping.

It was a great time fishing thanks to Mr. Muskie Charters Captain Kevin, First Mate Keith all I can say is wow. Everyone caught a lot of fish and then some caught a duck hmmm strange yes a duck!!!! Valeri caught the smallest fish. It was a dream come true for these people and that's what are partnership is all about.

I can't thank Mr. Muskie enough as I had this vision and asked Capt. Kevin and he was on board from the day I asked. Also S.T.E.P ERC thanks for letting us share the dreams and life changes of the consumers it was a wild time. If it could be caught we did from fish, mussels, globes, ropes, ducks, fishing net.

Ed Gregory, Team Gregory Charities

Capt. Kevin,
Thanks for the great walleye charter. Got our limit in less than three hours. The smallmouth, silver bass , perch and monster sturgeon were a super bonus. Best fishing trip ever.

Thanks again,

Keith J.

Thank you so much for the fishing trip. I had a lot of fun! If you’re on Facebook like my page and you can see the pictures I posted. Jeff and myself are thinking about doing the Sturgeon trip sometime. I really like Captain Kevin. His trip was awesome.

Chad L.

“I wanted to say thanks again, we had a great time. I really enjoy fishing and would like to learn more about it.”


Mr. Muskie, Capt. Keith did a awesome job!!! Landed 11 Muskie lost 2 plus Pike and Bass. This is our annual family day and it was top notch and we have another hooked my oldest daughter said she can't wait till next year.

Ed G. - Chesterfield, MI

Gentlemen (I use that term loosely lol),

Since I personally didn’t get to thank you (shake your hands) after our charter Monday – allow me to do so now. I know business comes first and you had your hands full juggling the new boat repairs, picking up kids, etc… Having taken several charters around the country, I have to admit that yours is one of the best and definitely most enjoyable. The relaxed atmosphere, the joking around, etc. is important during the lulls and the successes. Some are either all business or just lackadaisical and yours is a cut above.

I appreciate the fun, hard work and dedication to your job(if you can call it that – how lucky you both are to do what you enjoy) although it’s not all fun and games, evidence by the issues you experienced in the last few days.

Thanks again for a good time, despite the rough seas – the bass fishing was great and the tiger muskie a definite plus (regardless of size).

I will never hesitate to recommend anyone interested in your charter services.


Maybe I will see you on the hard water sometime either on ERIE or your home ice. Nice job yesterday being a mate (when you are normally a captain).

Remember boating 101 – spark and gas to keep an engine running... lol.

Thanks again guys – a pleasure spending time with you. You made it fun when mother nature chose to rear her ugly head at times... See you next year if not before.

Erik H


Just wanted to say that Keith and Danny were awesome. It was like fishing with your buddies. They were both sincerely interested in making sure we caught fish and having fun. A great experience for sure!


Mark, Cody, Cayden, Shane, Taylor and Taylor

Thank you for another great day on the water. Looking forward to August 7th.

Ryan P

Thanks Captain Kevin and Butta,

He slept for 3 hours when we got home! Great time. Might not wait for next spring.


Jim C

Hey Captain Kevin,

Just wanted to thank you again for today's trip! We all had an absolutely amazing time and we certainly look forward to another great adventure. You made the trip very comfortable and full of good laughs and fun, as did Keith. Thanks again from the entire crew!

Houda, Moe, Hussien & Z

Capt. Kevin, forgive me for the delay in commenting about our May 12th, morning charter. Despite the Monday forecast, we were delighted the severe weather held off until we were off the river and able to fully complete our charter. I expect your used to getting rave reviews on Capt. Keith. Our review is no different, Capt. Keith was very informative, patient and friendly as we learned the technique of jigging for Walleye. There were three of us aboard and all had success at hooking and landing a Walleye as well as a number of Bass and assortment of other species of fish. A great time was had by all. Some life time memories were established and will be used for future story telling that will be embellished over time.

I will keep you in mind for possible future outings for Muskie hunting and Perch fishing.

Have a great season, it's only beginning.


Thank you very much for the great 'Bass outing' yesterday morning! You and Keith took us to fish on Lake St. Clair! Your expertise and hospitality were most appreciated. I fully expect that we will be fishing for Muskie with you in the future.

Best wishes for a successful summer and year!


Keep doing what you're doing! You guys are the best and your passion for finding the fish inspires the rest of us to wish we were always out there with you!


Thanks again Capt! Everyone had a great time.


Thanks for the awesome experience! You guys are first class!



Great trip, especially impressed with your care of the fish and the beauty of Lake St. Clair.

Look forward to next year!

Best Regards,


Myself and 3 friends just finished a full day of charter fishing with Mr. Muskie and we had a great time. Capt Kevin and his First Mate, Butta, were professional, prepared and committed to making sure we all had a great day on the water. We caught 8 Muskie and landed 7. Both were always checking baits and changing up baits to find the right combination for the weather. Good conversation, good memories and good times had by all. I would definitely go again and recommend this charter boat operation to anyone.

Great job and a big thanks again to Capt Kevin and Butta.


Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to write a quick email to say thanks again. My dad and I had a great time and you run a quality operation. 4 for 15 while maybe not the best catch rate is a phenomenal day out on the water. Good luck with Molly and have a great rest of the fishing season. Hope to fish with you again in the future.

Thanks again,


Captain Kevin and First Mate Keith,

Thank you for a terrific day of fishing. The two of us caught and released 10 Muskie ranging from 28 to over 42 inches. The trip exceeded all expectations because of your first rate equipment and the knowledge/experience that you shared with us. We will definitely fish with you again. Thank you again for the Muskie fishing trip of a lifetime.

Allen and Randy

Thanks again for a great trip. Also Keith was always very respectful and kid friendly. You have good taste on your first mates, always nice and friendly.

Thanks again for a awesome fishing experience, now we have another hooked!!!


Awesome day thanks a lot, the guys had a great time. I’m sure we will do this again.


Thanks for another awesome trip. We can't wait to get back out there.


Thanks for the message last night, we had a great time. I checked in with Giggles and Spike today. They can't wait until next year.


Great time on Wednesday! Thanks again.

Hoping to get some referrals for you.


Thanks for such an awesome time, definitely will be doing it again! You and Butta made the charter unforgettable and one of the best times we ever had!! I'll be in touch!

George Anthony

Killer day on the water yesterday Captain!


Thanks for a great time had by all. My Daughter finally caught 2 of the elusive natural water predator. We went 8 for 13 that day.



Thank you for giving us such an exciting day and for those great photos. We hope to return before too long.

All best wishes,


Testimonials for Mr. Muskie Charters
Captain Kevin,

What a great time that was had by one and all. This was the first fishing trip I got to take with my granddaughter Tiffany and it is one to be remembered. I thought I would share some of the pictures we took that day. I think we added up all the fish we caught and it was 92 give or take a couple, what a day.

Thanks again for a great day on the water and one special day in my memory bank. (Ben – 33, Tiffany – 32 and Fred – 27) I look forward to fishing with you again, maybe the next time for those toothy critters.

Fred M. Henegar

Captain Kevin,

Thanks for the great time fishing last week. Still can't believe how many bass we caught and released.

Kevin Way

"We never expected to boat 19 muskies! Thanks to your expertise and knowledge and the capable diligence of Kevin, we owe you all the high praise for allowing us to be able to be in those right places, with the right presentation and good reliable tackle.

Your boat was very roomy, yet close to the action. To sum it all up, the whole experience will be remembered all the rest of our lives! Should we choose do this again, we will definitely contact you! Should anyone I meet want to do a charter, I will highly recommend you.

Thanks again for your professionalism and making us feel at ease, along with your great coaching!  Couldn't have done it without you.

Bill and Jeff

"Capt. Kevin Thanks for a great day fishing on the beautiful St. Clair. I think it's great catching my first Muskie's, a day not to be forgotten!

Gregg, Athens, GA

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